We can do hard things.

Ah…foster care. It’s hard. And it’s about to get even harder for us as we’ve learned we will be saying goodbye to our sweet D some time this week.

I have been mulling over a blog post on this…I have prayed for the words to say…because right now, I feel quite numb. It’s still surreal…he’s still with us. He’s on the couch right now getting a bottle from his “daddy” and in his adorably cute glow-in-the-dark dinosaur pj’s. Life is normal…the same that it’s been since we picked him up from the hospital on my birthday at 2 days old – now almost 4 months ago.

It’s funny how we can let ourselves run wild with a “story.” If I were the author of this story…it would’ve had a completely different ending…because the beginning was such a sweet start…I mean, after all, what better present can one receive than picking up a perfectly pink, blue-eyed baby boy from the hospital on their birthday?

But that’s a fantasy world…and foster care certainly doesn’t operate there.

It operates in hard.

But…if there’s one thing I know about us…one thing that is certain about JJ and I…and Avery…we can do hard things.

We can do hard things because we have Jesus.

And while we will grieve and mourn the emptiness that D leaves behind…he truly deserves every tear that drops for him.

D has given us far more than we have given him. His sweet smile and pleasant demeanor was a joy to have in our family. He gave me back the newborn weeks that I missed with Avery while I was sick in the hospital. He gave us endless snuggles, countless smiles, and an infinite amount of reasons to be thankful to have met him if only for the first 4 months of his life.

We will cherish our memories with him forever, his name will flood our prayers always, and he will have a piece of our hearts, whether he knows it or not, with him wherever he goes.

And as we closed out our final weekend together as a family of 4, God sent us this beautiful rainbow over our house. He is so good and amazing. He will not leave or forsake us…and I took this as His reminder of that to us.


His will, His way…


4 thoughts on “We can do hard things.

  1. So emotional. The ups. The downs. All the in betweens along the journey. I can’t relate. But, I can love. I can be thankful for God placing Baby D in your home, for a time, for a reason; the reason that only God knows because only He is our Creator – from beginning, to end. This moment in time is not the end for D. It is only his beginning. He has felt your love. He has seen your love. He will carry that love with him, forever. And, you will forever carry his cry, his smirk, his laugh, his cuddle. Together, forever, Baby D, Avery, you, and JJ will always feel the love of God. Thank you for showing His love to many. Incredible!

  2. Beautifully stated. Loving Baby D fully is good. Tears when you have to say goodbye are good. And, a rainbow depicting God’s promise of faithfulness is good. He is our good Father who has many more good plans in store for you, JJ and Avery. May God give you His peace and strength for the journey.

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