#faithfilledfriday: When God is faithful in our obedience.

 A few weeks back, I shared about keeping the faith in your calling and how I was, in a way, doubting God’s calling on my life for me to leave my job and stay home full-time. Through prayer and reflection, I began to feel…“I am no longer afraid…I am honored. I will trust. I will not doubt. I will be faithful in my calling, as it is a privilege to be called to this…”

I wrote and shared that post before I even knew Z existed. However, I did know deep down that part of my calling to stay home was because God led us to foster care. I knew that if we were going to do this…REALLY do this…I wanted (and it seemed God wanted me)…to be fully invested. And that meant, being home. Being available. Being someone constant in that child’s life – whoever that child may be. (I want to add here that to become foster parents, you absolutely do not have to be a stay at home parent. You can work full-time, part-time…whatever, and the agencies will work with you to make it work! This was just my personal calling.)

It has now been so cool to sit back a bit and see how God was putting the pieces together. Personally, I believe that God does not waste a single moment. There is no happening in this life that is coincidence, nothing is left up to chance. God is sovereign and in control. All of us and every moment in our lives is all part of God’s divine plan. And since leaving my job, God has affirmed and reaffirmed our move to bring me into the home full-time…He has been faithful through His affirmation I believe because I have been obedient.

Lots of people receive placement calls quickly after they’re licensed because the need is so great. I have a friend who (her and her husband) became licensed on a Thursday and they received a placement (of 4) the very next day! We became licensed in November 2015…and our phone sat quiet. The need is so great but we did not receive a single call. I wondered why God was making us wait. We were ready, willing, and able…why was a child not being placed with us?

I continued to trust…I continued to wait. Trusting in God’s timing, not mine.

I do not chalk it up to coincidence that we received our first call the very same week I left my job. That call was for a two year old boy, who ended up not needing placement after all. But I took that call, two days after my last day of work, as affirmation from God that I was right where he wanted me to be. And it then came as no surprise to me that the call we received for Z (two weeks later) was on a Wednesday morning – a day in which I normally would have been at work, putting in an 8 hour day.

It truly seems that God was waiting for me to be patiently obedient…(as I had shared I was ready to be, after doing my Bible study on Esther, that very same March 16th morning, prior to getting the call for Z) before He would be unfold His plan for this calling.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 reads:

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.

It is only when we, as believers, decide to trust and rely on God’s wisdom, timing, and faithfulness that we begin to see that every moment under heaven is in place to bring about God’s purposes…and that every happening in our life is a miraculously beautiful part of His divine plan. Personally, I cannot deny the miraculous puzzle pieces that He dropped into place once I stepped out in patient obedience…God is good.


Is God asking you to “wait” on anything? Is he calling you to be patiently obedient in your life? Would you share, if so? I encourage you to step out in faith and be obedient! God is so faithful and so good, you can trust Him!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

His will, His way…


Lisa Robertson

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