#faithfailledfriday: Good (& Faithful) Friday

Today is a bit of a dark day. At least for me, it truly pains my heart to imagine Jesus hanging on the cross because of MY sin. Ugliness in my heart, poor decisions I’ve made that went against God and His will, things I’ve said that do not honor Him…all thrown at Jesus on the cross. When I begin to think of specific moments in my life, specific times that I turned my back on God, sins that I continue to struggle with…it hurts. It hurts to think that because of those times, Jesus was brutally beaten and suffered in my place. It makes me feel so inadequate…so unworthy…so sinful, ugly and broken.

With all the Easter day plans ahead of us – cleaning the house, getting to the grocery store, preparing kids’ Easter baskets, picking out Easter clothes, planning/meal prepping – it can be easy to skirt this day. Now, EASTER…He has RISEN! Now this…THIS is a day to celebrate. Yes, of course it is!! But we can’t skirt this day…we must set our eyes on the cross. We must remember what Jesus did for us. We must remember how much God loves us!

This dark, good day is the day that changed history. The day that changed our lives…our eternal lives.

A post shared by The Gospel Coalition today, put it like this…

Do not let Good Friday pass you by like a set of airline instructions. Fix your eyes on the cross. Not as the place to show us our worth, but to show us the weight of our sin. Not as the place where Jesus simply felt our pain, but where he bore our penalty. Not as the place where God overturned divine justice, but where God in mercy fulfilled his justice. Not as the place where love died, but where love reigned supreme. Pay careful attention to the cross. Here we see a great salvation, delivering us from a great wrath, revealing to us a great Savior who was wounded for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities, that by his stripes we might be healed. (Original Post)

Because of this day, because of what Jesus did on that cross, we are freed from our sins. That pain that I feel when I imagine my sin being taken out on Jesus…I am freed from that. He died so that we may be free. He suffered so that we can find peace in Him. He became the perfect, worthy sacrifice so that we may have the hope and promise of spending eternity with him in Heaven. That inadequacy, unworthiness, sinfulness, ugliness, and brokenness I feel…faithfully, I can throw that away.

His blood covers all of that. And to feel those things…to hold onto that sin and shame…is like me saying Jesus’ sacrifice was not enough.

What freedom we have in Jesus.

“Jesus paid it all,
All to Him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.”

Let us stop and remember today. Remember what Jesus did for ALL of us. Remember the freedom we have in Him!

His will, His way…



Lisa Robertson

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  • Sydney
    ago2 years

    You always give me such words of wisdom. I love you.

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