And just like that, our lives changed forever.

Yesterday sure was a whirlwind. I had a fun day planned with Avery and I…a visit to her great grandma in the morning, a little shopping/errands with me, then a lunch date with friends, and our missional community in the evening. We were about to walk out the door around 10 am when my phone rang…

It was the county’s placement office asking if we would take in an 18 month old little boy.

And just like that, our lives changed forever.

My day went from planned and calculated, to scrambled and rushed. It was 10 am and he would be here in the afternoon. My mind raced as I thought of the many things I would need to do/get to prepare for a little boy. Two friends of mine who currently foster and have fostered before have told me many times, “there is nothing like the adrenaline rush of a placement call.”

And that is so true!

Texts and phone calls began between family and friends and the excitement grew and grew as we drew closer to meeting “baby Z.”

It’s amazing how God shows up in little ways that are actually HUGE ways in the big picture of it all. JJ and his crew were pouring counter-tops in the shop yesterday morning, so he was home when I got the call. This is such a little thing, but was HUGE. We were able to share in those first moments of emotions…nervous, excited, scared, faithful!

A friend of mine had recently offered to drop off some little boys clothes at Good Will for a family friend so she gave me an arm full of clothes for Z to wear until we could meet him, see his size, and get him some clothes. This was HUGE. Such a small offering that made my life SO much easier and calmer yesterday…knowing that I had clothes that Z could sleep in last night, set my mind at ease.

Another friend stopped by to drop of a new “boy toy” for Z, as our “boy toys” are few and far between in this house full of Barbies, babies, and Frozen. Little things are such BIG things when it’s a situation like this. Z was already so loved and we hadn’t even met him yet!

And Avery…let me tell you about my daughter. She was AMAZING. I was/am SO proud of this girl. This only child who has a really hard time sharing and having things not go her way (because her world literally revolves around her)…she amazed me yesterday. I cannot even describe in words how proud I was of her. Her face LIT UP when she heard she was going to get a foster brother. When he came in the door, she immediately walked him into the living room to show him his toy. She talked so sweetly to him and called him “buddy” all evening. She is caring for him so genuinely…with childlike faith.

My heart! It aches with so many emotions…

It is full…I love him.

It is broken…this isn’t how God designed families to work.

It rejoices…I’m so thankful God called us to do this work. What a privilege. What an honor.

It cries…As I sat and rocked Z to sleep last night, I wondered what he must be thinking. Is he comfortable? Is he scared? Does he miss home? Does this feel like home?

It is vulnerable…We will love him with a sacrificial love. We will love him and expect nothing in return. We will do this because Jesus does it for us every. single. day.

And just like that, our lives changed forever. Z will forevermore be part of our story. He will forevermore be part of our family…temporary or forever…close or at a distance. He will forevermore be in our prayers. God brought him into our lives in this very moment for a purpose. It will not be easy. It will be very hard. But we will persevere…we will endure…we will love him.

Because Jesus.


His will, His way…




5 thoughts on “And just like that, our lives changed forever.

  1. I love this, and I love you! The moment I heard that Z was coming, I knew he was hand-picked by God to be loved by you, JJ and Avery. And, so many others, too! (like me!) My immediate prayer was that he would feel that love! And, not fear. This is what God’s plan is for all of us! Praying for all of you! Excited to meet him soon, too.

  2. Beautifully expressed and written, Lisa 😍. So excited for your family to show love and belonging to this precious little boy. The Lord is faithful and will give you and JJ the patience and strength needed for this new chapter of your life.
    Love you,

  3. Oh my goodness, I’m rejoicing with you . I’m praying for you. Avery reminds me so much of Lillyan when she met Micah. That sweet, precious, innocence of a child!
    I will be praying for Baby Z. I know he’ll see Jesus through you and your family ! God bless on your journey. 💙

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