#faithfilledfriday: A Faithful Routine

Happy Friday, everyone! Who else is excited to see the end of the week? I am super excited for this weekend, not just because it’s the weekend, but it’s also our church home’s women’s retreat. I’m excited to spend time in worship with friends that I now call family and new friends I’ll meet today!

Last week, I started my post with a big sigh/exhale as I shared about the struggles/frustrations I was facing as I remained faithful in my calling to stay home/work from home full time. After my first full week in my “new career”…I am back to tell you that life is coming back together. [Insert another ‘sigh’ here.]

I wanted to share with you a routine I [try] to follow daily that helps me to start my days off on the right foot…to remain faithful to Jesus…and to be intentional about specific things (worries, emotions, events, etc.) on my heart. So here it is…4 things:

Get up early.

Or maybe you’re a “Stay up late.” person…but not me. I am in no way a night owl…I am a morning person. At night, I’m spent…my brain is tired, my eyes are crossing and I need rest. Not that I’m a “jump out of bed with glee and smiles” but by “morning person” I mean that I feel refreshed in the morning. My brain is rested. I can actually think.

So I try to get up about an hour and a half before my daughter. I can jump in the shower, actually change out of my pjs (although most days, that’s doubtful), and put my contacts in. This also allows me to the next 3 things that I am going to talk about.

Open the Word & Spend time with Jesus.

Whatever that looks like for you…do it. I can’t tell you how much smoother my day tends to go when I make Jesus a priority first thing in the morning. You may have your own routine that you do, but personally…I like to participate in online Bible Studies. While meeting with a group of women is a wonderful way to grow in Christ and study the Word, sometimes it’s not completely realistic for women working full-time, working moms, moms with young children, or whatever else.

Online studies allow you to pick a time of day for you that works…for some women, maybe it’s over your lunch hour. For me, it’s in the morning. Often times, online studies have a launch date and a schedule to follow along. Some have Facebook groups with other women participating in the study, some send out videos and blogs that correspond with their study, and others have message boards built into their app. There are so many options out there that allow you to study the Word, on a schedule that works for you, while “talking” with other women about the study.

Two of my absolute favorites are Love God Greatly and She Reads Truth. And the best part?? Both are FREE! Love God Greatly also has their plans within the YouVersion Bible app, so it’s a super convenient way to take your study with you where ever you go! She Reads Truth is free if you use the online version…within their app, each study costs a few dollars – but it is totally worth it!! Check them out!

Brew coffee.

I’m not sure if I really even need an explanation under this one…because, really…who can live without coffee!? Okay…maybe you can, but whatever it is that helps you get your day going…coffee, tea, lemon water, kombucha (:-P)…Treat yourself!

But seriously, coffee helps me to get going. And it just tastes so lovely!

Pray for…

This one does not have to be in any specific order. Pray as soon as your eyes open. Pray while you’re scooping coffee into your coffee maker. Pray while you’re putting your contacts in. Pray before you open God’s Word. Pray after reading His Word. Just get some prayer time in to start your day.

Pray for what’s on your heart. This week…many mornings…I sat at the kitchen counter and prayed for patience. “God, please give me patience today. Help me to be the mom for Avery that YOU created me to be. Help me to put aside my emotions and love her well. Forgive me for when I’ve lost patience with her.”

And again, I’m just going to be real about that. Patience is something I’ve needed extra of lately. If there were a Patience Bank, I’d be overdrawn at this point…on my own. But THANKFULLY…when we have Jesus, we have an infinite amount of patience available to us. We have an endless amount ready for withdraw.

Pray for what you’re struggling with. Family members on your heart. Friends who don’t know Jesus.

Get up early. Open the Word & spend time with Jesus. Brew Coffee. Pray.

And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed. – Mark 1:35 ESV

While the Bible has no mention of needing to brew coffee each morning, it does recount Jesus rising early and going to off to a quiet place to spend time in prayer with His Father. If Jesus, the Son of God, the One who lived a perfect life, needed to do this…if this was a priority for Jesus…I certainly need to make a priority for me.


What sort of faithful routine do you have in place? Or has this encouraged you to be more intentional about starting a faithful routine? Share below in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

His will, His way…


Lisa Robertson

2 Responses to “#faithfilledfriday: A Faithful Routine

  • Kaycee
    ago2 years

    Totally agree with this! If I hit the snooze and don’t get my time in the morning for devotions and quiet time before Trenton gets up my day is chaos!

  • Your GG has started her day off with devotions for years. If for some reason it got shoved to another time of day, my day always felt like something was missing.

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