#faithfilledfriday: Faith Markers

I have this big chalkboard hanging in my dining room…and when I first got it, I thought I’d use it to write down our weekly menu, perhaps write reminders and appointments on it. But what I have found I use it for more than anything else is scripture.

When a verse grabs my attention while studying the Bible…when I feel like it’s speaking to where I’m at right in that moment, what I’m struggling with…I want to remind myself of it, I want to see it. So, I put it on the chalkboard. 

I want to see that scripture multiple times throughout the day to remind me of God’s promises. To hold tight to His truths. To remind me to remain faithful.

It was only recently that I actually came across a name for this – “faith markers.”

Faith Markers…

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a framed verse or a scripted chalkboard…there is no “rule” for faith markers. A faith marker could be any of the examples shown above…or it could be something as simple as a scribbled verse on a notecard, acting as a bookmark in your current read. It could be a paraphrased promise from God’s Word, written in your journal. It could be a post-it note on your mirror that you see each morning, with a verse you want to be reminded of.

Faith markers can be different and personal, but their purpose is the same…reminders of God’s Word, His truth and His promises. When we are reminded of these things…we can ensure our eyes are set on Him and our hearts remain faithful.


Having faith markers around act as a reminder and encouragement. A reminder that He sees us each day and that He is our one and only constant when so much of life is unknown! I find peace and comfort in being stopped by a faith marker around my house when I am in need of that reminder or in need of some encouragement! 

And as much as we need our personal faith markers as reminders and daily encouragement, they can also be encouragement for others, as they sit and visit in your house…alongside your faith markers. Perhaps in your home is the only place that they’ve read scripture and heard of the promises found through Jesus Christ.


What “faith markers” do you have around or create? Where do you place them? How do you use them to encourage yourself through the promise and truth of God’s Word? Share using the hashtag #faithfilledfriday on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Or comment below to share your thoughts!

His will, His way…


Lisa Robertson

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  • Sydney Shumaker
    ago2 years

    What a wonde foul idea. Thank you.

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