Introduction to BeYOUtiful Message Series

Merry Christmas, everyone! Right about now, you’ve probably plopped down on your couch after opening some presents this morning…and are looking for a little time to relax before moving on to the next thing. Thank you for taking a moment of your Christmas day to be introduced to this exciting new series, BeYOUtiful Message!

I am so excited to begin this series today while partnering with Amy Kunkle over at Crazy BeYOUtiful Studio. Amy and I met through our church when we shared a table at this year’s Christmas Brunch and shortly thereafter, we met up for some Sweet and Spicy Lattes at a locally owned coffee shop! It was there that this series was born and it is our desire to help you to intentionally set your minds on the year ahead – spiritually and creatively! 

Amy is going to be offering some really amazing creativity pieces and some handmade printable art throughout the series – so do yourself a favor and head over to the Crazy BeYOUtiful Studio blog to say “Hi” to Amy! We also want you to be a part of the conversation over the next week and invite you to connect with us by subscribing to our blogs, liking us on Facebook, following us on Instagram…and of course, using the hashtag #beYOUtifulmessage when sharing about the series!

As I sat down to write this introduction…my 3.5 year old was upstairs in her room for “quiet time”…refusing to nap or to be “quiet.” This has been the theme in our house for the past 3 weeks as the “Christmas-hype” has TAKEN OVER. My thoughts escaped me as my sleep-deprived (by her own doing) daughter yelled from her room, as she continued to fight sleep.

The Christmas season isn’t always the easiest on young kids…the hype, the excitement, the Santa apps – videos and phone calls, the Elf on the Shelf, the Christmas-themed TV shows…all of these things put these kiddos into overdrive around Christmas.

But…the Christmas season isn’t always the easiest on many people, is it? Divorce, unemployment, addiction, loss, failure, barrenness, unanswered prayers, unhappiness…SIN. All of these things can put us adults into overdrive around Christmas, too.

What mess are you currently trudging through? Or what in your life feels like a mess?

Maybe you’re not personally in a “mess” right now, but a loved one is…

This time of year can be so hard to navigate through life’s messes. This series was created for you, whether currently in a “mess” or not, to follow and digest as we prepare to leave 2015 behind and move forward into 2016. As 2015 comes to a close, this series will help you to reflect on the past year, look ahead with HOPE to 2016, and discover ways to encourage others as you move forward.

Join me and Amy with the BeYOUtiful Message Series, as I share about finding the beauty in your mess, embracing the beauty of your message, and sharing the beauty of both! Make sure to subscribe to my blog at the bottom of this page so you don’t miss out on any posts from the series! 

Stay tuned for “Finding the Beauty in Your MESS” coming Monday, 12/28!


His will, His way…




Lisa Robertson

3 Responses to “Introduction to BeYOUtiful Message Series

  • Ron Bartlebaugh
    ago2 years

    Hi Lisa!

    A radio announcer recently blared out, “Christmas is almost over!” to which I immediately exclaimed, “Thank God!” I’ve been thanking God a lot in recent weeks for sending us Jesus for that is Christmas. Jesus! But, to thank God for Christmas soon to be over? Where did that come from? Two years ago Mom passed on. Our eleventh consecutive year of not seeing the glow of Christmas lights in our granddaughter’s eyes (not by our choice). Being surrounded by family members that are on a different spiritual and social platform than I. Just being tired because of a very busy and challenging year. It all adds up to, “Bah humbug!” I feel like joining Jesus on a mountainside. Going, praying, resting. Maybe, if I wait long enough, the nonsense of Christmas WILL be over. At less for this year. Thankfully the real Christmas will never depart. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Father God. Merry, Jesus filled Christmas to everyone!

  • Karol Carlisle
    ago2 years

    Good morning, Lisa and Merry Christmas! I am very excited about this new adventure and seeing what God has in store. Thank you for always sharing your heart and real self. Love, Karol

  • Luke H
    ago2 years

    This series sounds like its’s gonna be great Lisa; I’m excited to read along the next week!

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