Changed hearts forever

I know it’s been quite a while since I last wrote…my last post announced our God-guided decision (actually, calling) to pursue adoption through foster care. Over the last 6 months, our life has been consumed by that journey.

Between April and today, we have been fingerprinted, submitted mounds of paperwork, completed 15+ page autobiographies (both JJ and I), had our home inspected by our township’s Fire Chief, put a nursery together in our guest room, completed 38 hours of training classes, were interviewed for 3 consecutive hours each, talked with Avery about our family’s future, and developed and posted fire escape routes for our home in case of a fire. There were many other little things in the midst of those other items, but today I am happy to say we are done and awaiting our home study’s
completion and official approval.

More so than crossing items off of our To-Do list the last 6 months, God has been stirring in and working on our hearts. Preparing us.

This whole journey and path has been one that I’ve stopped and looked at and thought, “How did I get here?” “How is this MY LIFE?” Not in a way that I am upset that this is my life or my path, I actually feel honored to have been called to this…but simply a life I would have never imagined myself to be living.

But why not?

I mean, after all, the Bible commands us to care for the fatherless… so why is it such a “different choice” to pursue foster care? Why is adoption often a “last resort” through a long road of infertility? Why has so much of our society made it seem like biological children are the ultimate blessing, while providing for a child temporarily or adopting one into your family is something that is so great, but something that (many say) “I could never do”??

I was one of those people, until He called upon us. God called us and we are following. He has called us to love a child or children not our own (biologically). A child that does not belong to us, but to Him, and what He’s uncovered to me through this is, in truth, Avery does not belong to us either.

Avery is a child of God who we’ve been blessed with temporarily. She may LOOK like us (okay….like JJ), but ultimately she belongs to God – not to us. God gave her to us to parent here on this earth and in the big, enormous picture of eternity, our time with her here will be over in the blink of an eye in comparison to our eternal lives together in heaven forevermore. In that enormous picture of heaven, there is no such thing as biological or adopted…there is no difference between the two…there is no line of loving. We are all adopted children of God. We are all loved by God more than we can imagine.

Imagine loving like God…color-blind, class-blind, handicapped-blind, geographically-blind…imagine a heart ready to love ALL of God’s children.

I recently read a paraphrased version of John 3:16 stated like this, “For God so longed to call me His child, that He offered the life of His only biological Son to pay the price of my adoption.”


Can you imagine? Doing that for an orphan?

But folks…we were ALL ORPHANS. We were all orphans…but because of JESUS, we are adopted children of God.

Ephesians 1:5 tells us, “In love he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will”.

If I am worthy….me…broken, ugly, sinful me….to be loved and adopted at the price of Jesus’ blood, who am I to say what child is worthy to be loved by us!? Who am I to think that only a blood-related child should be accepted?
You see…it’s a heart issue. And God has changed our hearts. He did not call us because we were equipped…He has equipped us because He called.

He has broken our hearts for what breaks His. And He has filled our hearts with love for an unknown child/ren. And for that, we will be His hands and feet to…

Take up the cause of the fatherless… (Isaiah 1:17)

Defend the weak and the fatherless… (Psalm 82:3)

Bring justice to the fatherless… (Psalm 10:18)

Look after orphans… (James 1:27)

Once our home study is officially approved, we could receive a call at any time.

At any time.

Isn’t that crazy?

At any time a child will come into our lives that the Lord has selected for our family. Whether that child be placed with us temporarily or forever, God knows their name and purposefully designed them. And He will cross our paths for a specific reason. We can rest today in knowing that above anyone else, God is our perfect Father – He does not disappoint. We can trust Him and His promises…

“A father to the fatherless…God sets the lonely in families.” (Psalm 68:5-6)

While we are very excited for what’s to come, we also know this will be one of the most difficult things we will do in our lives. We are stepping forward each day in faith and prayerfully following God’s lead in our lives. Will you continue to support us through prayer during this time?

I’d also like to challenge you to take up the cause of the fatherless…prayer is a great place to start. Just to put it in perspective a bit, there are currently 102,000 children in U.S. foster care, waiting to be adopted. Please begin to intentionally pray for these foster children and other orphans across the country and world.

His will, His way.

Lisa Robertson

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