The Transfer

This morning when I woke up, I felt a little lighter. One of those mornings when you open your eyes, blink a few times, roll onto your back, stretch, blink a few more times and then have to actually remind yourself of what occurred the day before.

It still seems so surreal.



Yesterday, I watched as Dr. Maseellal transferred two of our babies into Jessica’s uterus in hopes that they will find a comfortable spot and decide to stay for the next 9 months! 🙂

Jessica and Justin flew in on Tuesday evening. This trip, all flights went smoothly and were on time, not one hiccup for them! Praise The Lord!

On Wednesday, my wonderful mother-in-law treated Jessica and I to manicures and pedicures at our local salon. It was SO nice to relax together and get a little pampering. We were able to share our story with our nail technicians and they were amazed at how far we’ve come! We love when God opens the door for us to share His love and His mighty hand in this journey.

That evening the four of us, Jess, Justin, JJ and I enjoyed a plate of lasagna that my mom made for us and laughed and talked until we were all too tired to stay up any longer. This is pretty typical for the four of us because not only do Jessica and I connect on a level of friendship, but so do JJ and Justin. They fuel each other’s fires by laughing hysterically at each other’s jokes, meanwhile, Jessica and I are usually rolling our eyes! 😉

Leading up to Thursday (transfer day), we all were feeling pretty calm. I had been praying for peace…praying that God would just provide us all a calmness throughout the day and just have complete trust in Him. At noon, it was time for us to head to the clinic.

When we arrived, we were brought back within minutes to get prepped and changed for the procedure. I got to put on this lovely, white jump suit that fit perfectly, along with shoe covers, a hair net and mask. Jessica was in a gown, booties, and a hair net. We of course captured a picture.


One of the endocrinologists came in with pictures of our babies and began to explain the grade he gave them, along with all of the statistics. We listened as he spoke and when he left the room, we all talked about how we know he HAS to provide us with that information, but our chances for success are controlled by a much mightier power!!


They were BEAUTIFUL! It was amazing to see them at that state! He showed us which parts become the baby and which parts become the placenta. It was just remarkable.

We went in for the transfer and everything went SMOOTH! We got to watch the ultrasound machine as she transferred them and we got another picture of where they were placed. Dr. Maseelall was confident in her placement and said it couldn’t have gone any smoother. I gave her a big hug and she said, “I’ll be praying.”

And that’s all we could do at that point. A fifteen minute procedure was done and there we were…all of a sudden I was flooded with emotions.

All of the preparation…

All of the paperwork…the phone calls…the emails…the needle pricks…the medication….the texts…the decisions….the worry…the heartache…the hope…

It all led us to this point…and I began to cry. The tears just started flowing.

They were tears of joy, relief, gratitude…

And Justin grabbed my hand and Jess’s and just prayed over us in the procedure room. His words in his prayer were everything I needed to hear in that moment. Jesus was with us in that room. He was watching over us.

I initially thought, “I don’t want people to know the exact transfer date because then they will all be asking and what if it doesn’t work then everyone will know…”

But WHERE IS THE FAITH IN THAT!?! I would be such a hypocrite!

Yesterday morning, the text messages and Facebook messages started coming in at 7 am…

Family, College friends, High school friends, Work friends, Church friends…SO MANY PEOPLE…all saying the same thing…”Praying for you today.”

They were ALL PRAYING!! How awesome! And humbling! They were thinking of and praying for us today!

I’ve blogged before about the power of prayer and how it has saved and changed my life…so what kind of faithful Christian would I be to have doubt at this point and not share this part of God’s amazing plan!?

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your prayers, not just yesterday but through this whole process. Please continue to pray for us and our babies and that they will both implant!! We are so very grateful for all of the supportive family and friends in our lives! Your prayers have lifted us up and helped get us to this point!

Stay tuned! 🙂


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  1. Loving you, dear daughter, every step of the way! I find comfort in knowing God was aware of the day of transfer well before you and Jessica were! He went ahead of you, and waited for your arrival. Then stayed for the whole event, embracing you as your tears started to flow afterward., and Justin directed your thoughts to His presence. Trust Him always. He is faithful to the finish. And, God is good, all the time! I am staying tuned!

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