Calling all Prayer Warriors!!!

Well, it’s been awhile since I last posted…so I guess I’ll say I’m back from my winter hiatus! My little family has had a wonderful winter together, despite all the snow! We spent 3 weeks in Northern Michigan – snowmobiling and snowboarding. We even got Avery on skis for the first time!




After out trip to Michigan, we did an entire climate change and headed down to Florida to visit my parents who are down there for the winter. Avery loved playing in the sand with Nana and Papa!



It was definitely nice to get some family time in, as my hubby works so hard throughout “concrete season” that’s there’s not much time for longer vacations. We definitely got quality time in as a family this winter and I loved every bit of it!

It’s now the end of February, and we are hoping that spring will be knocking on our door soon. We had a few warm days last week and once you get one nice day, you can really feel spring breathing down your neck! We are also starting to prepare for Avery’s SECOND birthday!! Time does go so fast, doesn’t it? It’s hard to believe that little baby we had is now going to be 2!! And boy, does she show it….the “Terrible 2’s” are upon us!! But every stage is an experience and she sure does know how to entertain us! She is a riot!

Now that I’ve caught you up to speed a bit, I’d like to share our BIG prayer request with you. My mom gave me a book last year called “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson. It’s all about learning to pray in a new way by drawing prayer circles around your dreams, your family, your problems, and most importantly, God’s promises. The book shares a simple yet life-changing truth:


God wants to hear our BIG prayers. Daily, we come to him with smaller, simpler prayers. Each night Avery and I pray…”Dear Lord, we pray that you watch over Avery as she sleeps and we pray that she has sweet dreams…” God watches over us always…so this prayer is easy for Him. But what about our thoughts and dreams that seem IMPOSSIBLE!?! Do we pray about those? Do we bring those to God?…We should! Those are the prayers that light God’s fire!! He wants you to PRAY BIG! He wants to answer your big prayers to prove the size of His love for you! What are your dreams or your BIG prayers!? I’d like to share ours with you…

If you have read “My Story“, then you are familiar with the journey we’ve had thus far. If you have not read it yet, I encourage you to! At this point, we are ready to begin the process of searching for a gestational carrier to help us expand our family. By definition, gestational surrogacy occurs “When the intended mother is not able to carry a baby to term due to hysterectomy, diabetes, cancer, etc., her egg and the intended father’s sperm are used to create an embryo (via IVF) that is transferred into and carried by the surrogate mother. The resulting child is genetically related to its parents while the surrogate mother has no genetic relation.”

Last summer, we went through an IVF cycle and currently have 3 frozen embryos. You can read all about that journey here. We have now started to put our feelers out and have started the process by sharing our story with different surrogacy blogs, forums and groups.  This process is very in depth and personal and it’s so hard to know what path is correct. We are asking for your prayers in this. We know the power of prayer and it has already brought us this far! God is connecting the dots for us and our BIG prayer now is that He will deliver the right person to us to help us expand our family. We are hoping to find someone independently/privately to keep this journey financially realistic for us. Please keep us and this in your prayers! If you are moved by our story and are interested in more information about gestational surrogacy, please contact me…and as always, please feel free to share our story! You never know who may read it and feel led to help us!

Thank you and God bless!


Lisa Robertson

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  • Sydney Shumaker
    ago4 years

    You are always in my prayers and I’ll just add this one to the others. God will provide.

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