Living in dependence on Him

Jesus offers us an intimate relationship with Him. He wants you to depend on Him and lean on Him because He will never forsake you or disappoint you. Do you live in dependence on Him? Jesus Calling talked about living in dependence of Him recently and I loved it!

“When you depend on Me continually, your whole perspective changes. You see miracles happening all around, while others see only natural occurrences and “coincidences”.

Truly, I do believe in fate and things happen because that is how God designed it to. Let me share with you an example…

Working as a full-time software trainer at New Innovations, prior to having my daughter, I trained numerous hospital administrators over the phone with remote access to their computer on how to use our software. When I was about 5 months pregnant, I was assigned a new trainee in Greenville, Texas. Just like any other training, we began to dive into the software. Because we would talk often, for at least 45 minutes at a time, you do get to know that person somewhat. Quickly, I learned that Diana, my trainee, was also 5 months pregnant and she was also expecting a little girl just one week after me.

We connected over this and each time we talked we’d ask how the other was feeling and talk about our most recent doctor appointments. We actually even had the opportunity to share our faith with one another. This went on into March and two weeks before I delivered Avery, I was told to stop working as my iron was getting low and I needed to rest and put my feet up! No complaints there! Diana and I exchanged cell phone numbers and began texting each other daily with updates of our progress.

Avery was born on March 30th and her daughter, Tatum, arrived exactly one week later. Tatum was born the day I returned to the hospital, but I still remember being so happy to receive a picture of her from Diana that day! Diana and I continued to text with each other and she kept tabs on me through my illness…I know lifting me up in prayer daily. Our friendship continued to grow and we continued to talk…now sharing updates of the girls’ doctors appointments, new teeth, clothing size and food advice! And sending Christmas and birthday presents!

Now almost two years later, we still talk practically everyday! Diana is a dear friend of mine. Someone I can openly share my faith with, go to with prayer requests or daily frustrations, and find comfort in knowing that she has a fellow tantrum-throwing toddler that pulls her hair and hits her. Haha! Tatum and Avery are BFFs (even though they don’t know it yet) and have matching bracelets and t-shirts! Some may think that’s crazy, because we have all never even met, but I think it’s beautiful. And now I am so happy and excited to say, that I FINALLY get to meet Diana and sweet Tatum! Only knowing the two of them through text messages, emails, pictures and videos is coming to an end and Avery and I get to go to Dallas and meet, in person, Diana and Tatum!

Now, you might say that it was just my turn in the training assignment line at work and that’s why I got paired up with Diana…just a coincidence, right? Well, I believe that God thought I needed someone to connect with through my pregnancy, one more person to pray for me through my illness, one more faithful fellow-mom to understand my weaknesses as a mother, and one more amazing, Christian woman to call my friend…fate. It was fate that I was assigned to train her, not coincidence.

Do you believe in miracles and fate? Or do you consistently chalk things up to coincidence? I challenge you to live in dependence on Him and to let your eyes be opened to miracles! If you’ve experienced a special miracle or gift from God, I invite you to share it in the comments below!

To Diana and Tatum: We’ll see “y’all” in Texas!

God bless,

Lisa Robertson

3 Responses to “Living in dependence on Him

  • Sydney Shumaker
    ago4 years

    What a wonderful friendship you have developed with Diane. When were you going to tell your Grandmother that you were going to Texas? I hardly ever see you and I only live an hour away. Have a wonderful
    visit. Love you.

  • Debi Troyer
    ago4 years

    Lisa. I believe in miracles,and answered prayer. I can’t write my whole story here,but I would love to share it with you sometime.Miss you at class,maybe we can get together after class sometime and we can talk. Love reading your site!!! Debi Troyer

  • Thank you, Debi! I would love to hear your story, too! 🙂

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