Hey Duck Dynasty fans!

My husband and I love Duck Dynasty! My husband is a hunter and loves that aspect of the show, but we both fell in love with the Robertson family after seeing their family values and openness with their faith. Check out this video interviewing Jase and Missy Robertson…

Jase says true happiness for him is God, people and then ducks – in that order! What is true happiness for you!?

It’s easy to put something other than God first depending on the day, but we must always remember to keep God first! During our marriage counseling leading up to our wedding I remember our pastor teaching the importance of keeping God at the center of our marriage. He said, at times, it could be the only thing you have in common. Meaning on those days when you’re just stressed out and at each other because the bathroom remodel is taking longer than expected or the baby was up crying all night the night before or you disappointed each other in some way, keeping God at the center of your marriage and putting Him first is always one commonality you can fall back on together. I really liked that and it really makes sense. None of us are perfect, but if we make God the top priority in our relationships He will help us through the ruts!

If you don’t watch Duck Dynasty, I would highly recommend it. Not only because they share their faith-based family values, but they’re hysterical too!

God bless!

Lisa Robertson

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